A powerful cooking hood above the hob not only eliminates all cooking smells in your kitchen, it also makes a stunning focal point. Famos highly efficient range of cooker hoods dispel odors and filter the air to guarantee an odor-free kitchen with innovative technology to reduce noise. Whether you are looking for an island, built-in, wall-mounted or integrated extractor hood, Famos offers a great range in different colors, finishes and functionality.

Built-in hoods can save valuable space as well as providing a stylish, effective way of keeping your kitchen fresh. Canopy hoods are designed to fit snugly under an overhead canopy kitchen unit, discreetly saving valuable space. For the ultimate space savers, telescopic hoods pull out of the wall when you need them and still provide efficient extraction and re-circulation. Or if you prefer a sleek finish to your kitchen, integrated hoods look like they are part of the furniture.
Alternatively, your extractor hood can make a real statement with many designs combining steel and glass in contemporary architectural looks – the cooker hood adds as much style as it does functionality to your kitchen.